About my work

My basis as a weaver has given me insight into repetition of motion and patterns infinitely. Never the less construction, not pattern has been my preoccupation. Studying the composition of the structure is my inspiration.


While working I always think 3D, contemplating the imaginary space and its abstractions. The abstraction itself is a meeting between the definite and the indefinite, the definite being the construction itself, the indefinite being the organic element. From the ordered to the chaotic, from the chaotic to the ordered.


I want to feel free to choose and utilize any material that serves the expression I seek. In smaller works I have myself woven fabrics in combination with other materials like plexiglass, wax and wood.
My latest works consist of factory-woven wool in natural colours and plexiglass. Laser-cut slits in the plexiglass act as warp for the woollen fabric which first is dipped in rabbit glue. The plexiglass sheets are sandpapered by hand. I choose this time consuming prosess to achieve exactly the expression I am after.
The ide behind the modules is related to my need to construct. How the modules are connected to each other gives opportunities for repetition and creative surfaces.