Artist statement

I am born and grew up in Kongsvinger, Norway.
After high school, I went to Ticino, the border with Italy in Switzerland, to learn weaving in a professional environment, Tessitura La Vignora, Bedigliora. After finishing my MA at College of Art, Oslo, and until today I have investigated the possibility of weaving large textiles that can be folded into a shape. Folded together, opened, folded again, the same way each time. (Such as «Folding Textile» exhibited at Arte Laguna Prize 18/19, Venice)
Repetition and communication are two important terms for me. I get the motivation from nature and science. Finally, I can take advantage of the fact that I went to the science line at high school.


My basis as a weaver has given me insight into repetition of motion and patterns infinitely. Never the less construction, not pattern has been my preoccupation. Studying the composition of the structure is my inspiration.


I also see connections in how we communicate and how this can be visualized such a tissue pattern can. Through drawing and painting, I enjoy how the abstract motif gives a visual image of a statement. The drawing process is slow so weaving by hand is it. Communication, on the other hand, is fast and worldwide today, but the pattern is the same.


I’m not sitting by the loom anymore, but I enjoy using the technology to weave in digital looms. I can only do that occasionally. The ideas are expressed through drawing and painting.


It is about simple human issues expressed in an abstract language.


Space is also made up of tiny building blocks.


Now I am commute between Rendalen, in Norway and Dumenza, North Italy, near the border to Switzerland where I first time learn to weav.